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Hye St. Press is an independent, boutique publishing and book-developing enterprise that specializes exclusively in Regaustenian™ period novel collections or oeuvres. A Regaustenian work of fiction has several distinct hallmarks.

  • The story must be one of Regency Revival™, i.e. it should take place within the regency of George Augustus, Prince of Wales (1811-1820), who later became George IV, but, at the same time, reflect the persuasions and perspectives of a concomitant era, two centuries on, of modern-day Janeites.*

    *The Regency was the significant period during which all of Jane Austen’s six completed novels were published, while the greatest revival of interest in them arguably occurred in contemporary times, i.e. between late 20th c. and early 21st c.

  • The work must establish a historically credible connection with its period progenitor, Jane Austen, e.g. TBNLA does this by drawing on an intriguing incident that took place during that lady’s travels, which then extends to her sojourn in Bath and Southampton, and the subsequent conversion of her pseudonym ‘a lady’ to ‘Lady A~’ after she was first published. All of this is fully explained in a convincing epistolary account, along with the cryptic ‘Advertisement’ that prefaces every Bath Novel.

  • The style in which the work is written must be distinctly Austenesque, while its themes and ‘microcosm’ must be authentically and similarly Austenian, e.g. a ‘comedy-of-manners’ plot revolving around a small number of (landed gentry) families, and set against distinct town and country motifs.

  • The work must be of a literary nature and absolutely original, i.e. only employing those references from JA’s work and life necessary to the enhancement of storyline.

  • The characters of such a work must provide a unique and universal interest for readers of all persuasions, and both its male and female players must be equally developed in range and influence to reflect a modern perspective of Austen’s very classic sensibility.

  • The work must be a part of a ‘collection’ as opposed to one of a ‘series’, i.e. every story must develop an independent plot and cast of characters.

  • A minimum of six works of fiction, meeting the above requirements, is considered to comprise a Regaustenian ‘collection’ or oeuvre.

  • Each work must incorporate unique ideas for period embellishment and other special features, e.g. finely drawn illustrations, watercolor maps, silhouette-scene depiction, explanatory notes to the text, &c.

  • Writer-creators must write under a period pseudonym that in some way creates (of his/her authorship) a plausible, yet enigmatic, historical link to both the Regency period and JA’s influence within the era, as represented in a unifying collection concept such as The Bath Novels of Lady A~.

  • For any inquiries e.g. transactions, refunds, &c., please refer these either to for aye-Volume/print-on-demand purchases or for print-on-demand purchases only.

  • If you have any other queries regarding either permissions or subsidiary rights, and links to/on this site, please leave us your calling card.

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Sustainable Publishing Practices

What might Jane Austen have done to get published in the 21st c.?

Hye St. Press might suggest an answer through its independent and willful commitment to sustainable publishing practices, as supported by's dtp/Kindle program and's print-on-demand services. For more ‘sustainable’ information contact:



Hye St. Press is not affiliated with or, an Amazon company. Kindle is a registered trademark of Silhouette Fleuron

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