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Repository for all archived novelties of Merits and Mercenaries in ye ‘Bath Corner’.


Season's Treatings 2016

Our lady & our stud wish you a~ very jolly jumping Jane season!

Happy Holidays!

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Scene depicting the Halford party’s journey to Steventon (Merits and Mercenaries, Volume 1, Chapter 8).


Halloween 2015

Lady A~ & Dr. Syntax go Batty, Halloween 2015

Our lady & our stud wish you a~ terrifically frightful Halloween!

Halloween 2015 - TBNLA

Merits and Mercenaries by Lady A~

Merits and Mercenaries, First-edition, 28th April, 2011


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Merits and Mercenaries, First-edition, Invitation

Here ye, Here ye!

February-March 2010 Announcement from Lady A~ on the Imminent Arrival of Merits and Mercenaries:

Letter from LA!

Dearest Fellow Formidables

W ith my first novel being now 'in the press', I thought it only proper to do two things very pertinent. One, to thank you all for your very forbearing dispositions in accommodating the unavoidable delays in our publishing process; such gracious patience has permitted us to produce as perfect a piece of prose as we can make it—and purely for your delight. Secondly, to provide you some notion of Merits and Mercenaries' release date. Though every endeavor was made to have our repository replete with M&M by the end of January, one last stroke of the 'fine brush' was required to satisfy me that my first 'child' would justly meet with your every estimable expectation. In cautious confidence, then, I proclaim to you that M&M is indeed very nearly around the 'Bath Corner'! To that end, Fond Friends, fill your tubs, steep your steam and prepare to soak up all of Town and Country's most devilish and divine—as they are very soon to arrive!

I remain enigmatically and gratefully endeared,