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Bath Novel A~nnotations to the Text: Merits and Mercenaries, ‘Classic Companion I’

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Merits and Mercenaries, ‘Classic Companion I’ of The Bath Novels of Lady A~

‘Relative’ Opinions

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Best Biography

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Decorative Delights

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Period Periodicals

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Weave from the Worldly Web

  • AustenBlog,
  • British History Online,
  • Jane Austen’s World,
  • Jessamyn’s Regency Costume Companion,
  • Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99 (Microsoft, 1993-1998).
  • The Republic of Pemberley,
  • UK Historic Houses & Stately Homes, Royal Palaces, Gardens and Castles, Heritage Sites for England, Scotland and Wales,


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