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Merits and Mercenaries, Bath Novel

Merits and Mercenaries by Lady A~

Cover Storye

Unveiling the artfulness of art in ‘Mary Freer’, the exquisitely enigmatic Constable portrait (1809) selected as Merits and Mercenaries’ cover art.

Pug's Mug

Pug's Mug

Meet the ‘ladye’ behind the Lady and all of her preeminent Cast & Characters of Merits and Mercenaries.

House and Home

House & Home

Discover the history of each of the primary residences in Merits and Mercenaries and how the essence of ‘character’ is reflected in both the novel’s ‘houses’ and ‘homes’.


R&R Lyste

Lady A~’s Annotations to the Text of Merits and Mercenaries and Lady A~’s most cherished reference and resource list for all things exceedingly enlightening in Merits and Mercenaries.

Annals & Archives Repository

Annals & Archives Repository

Repository for all archived novelties of Merits and Mercenaries in ‘Bath Corner’.


Lady A~'s T-a-t  

A pleasing and provoking tête-à-tête between A~ lady and her Regency counterpart, Lady A~, upon the novel history of each Bath Novel.

Lady A~'s new novel

Bubbling Beneath

Unlock A~ ClueTidings and Tattle of Lady A~’s NEW novel and most beauteous creation yet!

Unlock A~ Clue