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Privacy Policy

Your privacy and preferences are important to us.

If you have used any of our email forms, Hye St. Press will not communicate, disclose or make available any of the confidential information provided to us to any third party and will not directly or indirectly use or allow others to use this information other than for the purpose for which it has been provided – this includes if you have left a confidential calling card for our theatrical surveys. This is for the information of Hye St Press only. Submitted reviews will be posted on our site under the name you supply.

If there has been a technical or security issue with an email form (we think we might have been spammed), we may share this email with our IT team to check if the email is of concern or, if it appears to be an email glitch, if the full query can be retrieved. Our IT team will only perform what technical functions are required to ensure the proper functioning and security of our forms so our users can continue to contact us reliably.

We keep your emails in-house on our computers and on our website servers if we feel we need keep your email for our own information/reference; otherwise we delete it. If you wish to ensure your data is fully removed from our computers, please contact us and we will ensure all of your emails to us have been deleted.

When you email us, either directly or through one of our web forms, we do not add you to any mailing lists. We will respond to your email directly if you indicate that a response is required for a query or information.

For users who had been subscribed to Mrs. Skyelark's subscription list, we have discontinued this email newsletter. Future updates will be posted on this website rather than emailed.

Cookie use

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We also use Google Analytics to further track how users engage with our site. The information we receive from our site and Google Analytics has no personally identifiable information on it. The data provided to us may include such items as how long users stay on the site; what pages users look at and for how long; did the user come from a search engine; advertising campaign; a link from another site; are you a returning or first time visitor; what country are you visiting our site from... plus other metrics of this nature. We do not have the demographics and interests statistics enabled in Google Analytics.

Google Anlayics cookies: If you wish to "opt out" from Google Analytics tracking your data, please click here. Alternatively, you can click on the circular icon bottom left to change your cookie preferences.

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What are cookies? Internet cookies are text files placed in your browser by the sites you choose to visit. They transmit data from your browser back to a website to provide site functionality and inform how the site is being used. This data is used for function and to improve site performance. Session cookies remove the cookie after your browsing "session" with only the data during that session being transmitted. Persistent cookies remain in the browser even after you close it. Persistent cookies track repeat visits and interactions with the site. They are also used to make such things as login easier for repeat visitors, for sites that offer this feature. This website uses both persistent and session cookies.

Browsers typically give you options to manage cookies. Options can include whether you disable cookies (which can affect site functionality) or choose how to manage your cookies - i.e. deleting cookies every time you close your browser, deleting all cookies currently in the browser, deleting/allowing cookies from some sites and not others. You should also have the choice to clear your browsing data. Your browser's cookie options are generally found under the Browser's preferences > privacy and/or security > browsing data and/or cookies and/or site data. Choose the options you feel are most appropriate for your needs. It is also possible to install plugins that block cookies. These sites have some helpful information on cookies if you'd like to learn more: and

Links to other sites

We do provide links to other sites that may be of interest to you or from where you can purchase our books or ebooks. Please note that we do not have any control over the content, privacy or cookie policies on the sites we link to so check those sites' privacy and cookie policies to ensure they meet your needs.