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Bath Novel A~nnotations to the Text: The Amiable Cassandra, ‘Classic Companion II’

To expand and enlighten you fair understanding of The Amiable Cassandra, pray peruse our Lady’s notes.


The Amiable Cassandra, ‘Classic Companion II’ of The Bath Novels of Lady A~

A~ World Created!

In order to create a full ‘world view’ of an era where language, customs, location and employment are relatively unfamiliar to a modern audience of readers, I have endeavored to supply as much information as is materially useful. Given that so much referencing was required to piece the complex puzzle of Jane Austen’s extraordinary life and art together into a work of historical fiction, I have also taken care to properly acknowledge all of the invaluable sources from which I gleaned valuable information. In doing so I would like to especially acknowledge Claire Tomalin’s exquisite biography: Jane Austen: A Life. I highly recommend that readers acquaint themselves with this exceptional book and its many fascinating details, in order to fully appreciate the intrinsic treasures accordingly afforded to this quirk-work of fiction. Additionally, I would like to point out that many of the well-documented, widely known facts pertaining to Jane Austen’s life, connections, and work, have been generally applied to the fabric of this text without specific reference, in order to avoid over-annotating and, hence, overwhelming the reader. The following abbreviations are adopted for the works cited in the explanatory notes:

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Best Biography

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Weave from the Worldly Web

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The Bard in Bath

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