The Main, The Plain, and Inane

The Main, Plain, and Inane

  • Mrs. Ashton-Dennis: Cassandra Ashton-Dennis’s mother
  • Revd Ashton-Dennis: Cassandra Ashton-Dennis’s late father
  • George Ashton-Dennis (Goulding): Cassandra’s wealthy entitled brother, adopted by the Gouldings
  • Penelope ‘Pen’Ashton-Dennis (Goulding): George Ashton-Dennis’s eldest daughter
  • Ned ‘Neddy’ Ashton-Dennis (Goulding): George Ashton-Dennis’s son
  • Estella ‘Stella’ Romney: Charles Romney’s sister and Penelope Ashton-Dennis’s fond friend and confidante
  • Louisa and Mary Niven: Cassandra Ashton-Dennis’s close neighborhood friends and residents of ‘Heathmore’
  • Sam Prentice: Winston Prentice’s son and scion and close friend of the Ashton-Dennis family, most particularly of Fulwar and Lawrence Ashton-Dennis
  • Fanny Alveston: Thomas Alveston’s wife
  • Madame Belgonie: Charlotte de Lafayette’s French lady’s maid and companion
  • The Hon. Norah Morgan: Lord Lamington’s first wife
  • Mrs. Goulding: George Ashton-Dennis’s benefactress and adoptive mother
  • Lord Chesterton: Terry Alveston’s benefactor
  • Lila Halyard: Charlotte de Lafayette’s late mother
  • Saul Halyard: Charlotte de Lafayette’s late father
  • Stirling Tyler: Louisa Niven’s primary suitor
  • James Stilworthy: Louisa Niven’s secondary suitor
  • Dr. Lascelles: John Lascelles’s uncle and married to Susan Lascelles
  • Warren Tierney: The Regent’s court physician and Penelope Ashton-Dennis’s first suitor
  • Dr. Guilford: The Ashton-Dennis’s family doctor
  • Lionel Seymour: Cassandra Ashton-Dennis’s first would-be London publisher
  • Robert Hall: Cassandra Ashton-Dennis’s second London publisher and Military Library connection of Lawrence Ashton-Dennis
  • Mr. Niven-Walters: Harry Niven-Walters’ and Louisa and Mary Niven’s father
  • Stanley Trilling: Lawrence Ashton-Dennis’s banking partner
  • Irvine Marston: Lawrence Ashton-Dennis’s banking partner
  • Lord & Lady Burton, Mr. Burton: The Ashton-Dennis’s neighbors and family acquaintances in Gouldham
  • The Marches: The Ashton-Dennis’s neighbors and family acquaintances in Gouldham
  • Miss Burnett: A London acquaintance of Lawrence Ashton-Dennis
  • Miss Lamb: A London singer
  • Miss Coombe-Davis: A London singer
  • Mr. Trumwell: A surgeon-chaplain in the service of the British navy
  • Monsieur Haliberte: Charlotte de Lafayette’s chef
  • Jenny: The Ashton-Dennis’s maidservant at Gouldham Cottage
  • Miles: Charles Romney’s coachman
  • Joseph Wood: George Ashton-Dennis’s carpenter
The Nefarious, Imperious and Precarious

The Nefarious, Imperious and Precarious

  • Lovelace Brophy: A fellow of Emmanuel College and visiting acquaintance of Dr. and Mrs. Lascelles
  • Comte (Count) de Guignot : Lawrence Ashton-Dennis’s French business associate
  • The Eardley-Wilmots: Cassandra Ashton-Dennis’s aunt and uncle residing in Bath; ‘benefactors’ to Lawrence Ashton-Dennis
  • James Lascelles: John Lascelles’s patron and great-uncle
  • Winston Prentice: Sam Prentice’s father and Charlotte de Lafayette’s godfather
  • Lord Lamington: Charles Romney’s eldest brother and heir to the Lamington estates
  • John Murchison: Cassandra Ashton-Dennis’s third London publisher
  • Stanton Reynolds Smith: The Regent’s principal librarian and adviser
  • Giles Swindell: Winston Prentice’s former solicitor and co-trustee of Charlotte de Lafayette’s fortune
  • Laura Swindell: Giles Swindell’s daughter
  • Amelia Cleaver: A Scottish heiress
  • Stuart Cleaver: Amelia Cleaver’s brother and London acquaintance of John Lascelles
  • Thomas Alveston: Terry Alveston’s brother
  • Martha Manning: Lawrence Ashton-Dennis’s London ‘conquest’
  • The Haddons: The Ashton-Dennis’s neighbors and acquaintances in Gouldham
  • Mr. Jekyll: The Eardley-Wilmots’ Bath solicitor
  • Janet Hector: A haberdasher and milliner in Bath
  • Mrs. Stokes: Mrs. Ashton-Dennis’s cousin and ‘celebrated’ novelist
  • Mrs. Prentice née Schmacher: Winston Prentice’s second wife
  • Lady Bessborough: The chief of the Almack’s coterie attending Charlotte de Lafayette’s acclaimed London party
  • Comtesse (Countess) de Guignot: The Comte de Guignot’s wife
  • Comte (Count) de Lafayette: Charlotte de Lafayette’s late husband

Mr. Lovelace Brophy

Mr. Lovelace Brophy