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The Amiable Cassandra, Bath Novel

The Amiable Cassandra by Lady A~

Cover Storye

Cover picture by Leslie Bell, depicting The Amiable Cassandra’s heroine, Cassandra Ashton-Dennis, in ‘face or vase illusion’ otherwise known as ‘Rubin’s vase’. Commissioned by Hye St. Press.

Pug's Mug

Pug's Mug

Meet the ‘ladye’ behind the Lady and all of her preeminent Cast & Characters of The Amiable Cassandra

House and Home

House & Home

LA~ enlightens readers of the history behind the Houses and Homes of The Amiable Cassandra.


R&R Lyste

Lady A~’s Annotations to the Text of The Amiable Cassandra and Lady A~’s most cherished reference and resource list for all things exceedingly enlightening in The Amiable Cassandra.


Lady A~'s T-a-t  

A pleasing and provoking tête-à-tête between A~ lady and her Regency counterpart, Lady A~, upon the novel history of each Bath Novel.

Lady A~'s new novel

Bubbling Beneath

Brimming Tidings & Tattle of Lady A~’s THIRD novel, when at last it bubbles into the Neighborhood!