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ane's reign rules again!—with this highly original companion set of seven Regaustenian novels or ‘Classic Companions’ tacitly attributed to the ‘devil’ of Jane Austen's genius—but written through the polemical pen of a lady, who, like Jane, might only be known as ‘Lady A~’….

Merits and Mercenaries by Lady A

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Merits and Mercenaries

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erits and Mercenaries/ ‘Classic Companion I’™, The Bath Novels of Lady A~’s debut novel, is a dashing tale about the perplexing pursuit of love and self-discovery, which races for resolution—upon comedy and drama—across both town and country. As protagonists William Halford and Katherine Huntley seek some happy end, a host of vivid villains strive to perilously prevent it—while the shadow of a most menacing secret relentlessly stalks the story’s entire cast…. read more 
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The Bath Novels of Lady A

More About The Bath Novels of Lady A~ / TBNLA

redicated upon a real-life drama that occurred in Jane Austen’s well-documented history, and two hundred years since her first ‘child’ of the ‘sacred six’ was acquired by military publisher Thomas Egerton, comes the debut of an enigmatic companion set of seven original Regaustenian novels that freshly emulate the style of those six perfect classics. The Bath Novels of Lady A~ is so called because the collection is implicitly linked to Jane Austen's ten-year ‘unproductive’ sojourn, which started in Bath, and the modish Regency conversion of her pseudonym ‘a Lady’ to ‘Lady A~’. Though it was thought Lady A~’s pen lay fallow all through that decade-long silence, the revelation of The Bath Novels of Lady A~ (TBNLA) invites the reader to imagine exactly the opposite. Indeed what such devilish genius might have done with high frustration and low event in fatiguing places—and at the nib of a very polemical pen—may yet be discovered in the first cryptic novel of TBNLA’s seven ‘Classic Companions’. Read more....

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