Dr Syntax

Heyday Fond Friends & Fillies!

Heyday fond Friends & Fillies! What is A~ collection of Bath Novels without A~ capital Canterlogue! Debuting in Dressage is our divine Dr. Syntax & his stable of front-running Friends. In this high-action Blog, shall the Good Doctor trot through all novel things that are TBNLA, Lady A~ & the progenitor of them all, the inimitable Miss Jane Austen. Take tack of it all pert Punters & wager all yer bits on our best-bet blog!

A~ Galloping Tour Through the World of Dr. Sysntax

Dr. Syntax was a comic figure created by William Combe and cartoonist Thomas Rowlandson, and much enjoyed by Jane Austen for their satirizing William Gilpin, a chief proponent of the ‘picturesque’, in the comic poem The Three Tours of Dr. Syntax. He was also a famous Regency thoroughbred racehorse and sire (1811-1838), depicted by John Herring Sr. Blending the spirit of both, and their ‘connection’ to Austen, he appears now as you see him. Ready with quips, nips and carrots, the good Doctor takes the discerning on a tour through TBNLA, the Regency world of Austen and all things pertinent to ‘period’ in his dashing debut Canterlogue.

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Trotting Trhough TBNLA with the Good Doctor

With a fair deal of ‘neigh-saying’, Dr. S. explores all the betting interests of Bath Novel ‘equipage’. Tacking up readers with all the tasty bits of news and views about TBNLA in a most unbridled fashion, the good doctor reveals why readers should race to acquire each and every Bath Novel.

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TAT with Mr Spratt

T~A~T with Mr. Spratt

A tête-à-tête on the hoof with Dr. S’s alter-ego, Mr. Spratt, about all things TBNLA, Lady A~, Austen & A~ veritable stable of Austenesque fare. 

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Bath Corner

A~ Bath Corner

Dr. S. calls on A~ fine filly at TBNLA. Lady A~ girds her loins to deliver entertaining ‘post’ that will bring A~ little steam to Dr. S’s stable.

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A~ Bath Play~house

A~ Bath Play-house

In these playful ‘posts’, delicious high action is harnessed as dashing excerpts from our stable of Bath Novels are transcribed into short entertaining ‘Act Chasers’. Dr. S. hopes they should whet the appetite for all of our Bath Novel ‘tangles’.

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Mrs Skylark's Revue

Mrs. Skyelark's Revue

What would Dr. S’s fashionable stall be without the song of the Lark? Our great old byrd brings purebred news and reviews/revues from the Janeite/TBNLA trackside.

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Mrs Skyelark's e-Express

Set it in A~ Saddlebag!

Set your missives in our Saddlebag & Dr. S. and his ‘team’ will be sure to assess the pedigree of your correspondence post-haste!

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Is it A~... Bird? Is it a... Horse?

Is it A~... Bird? Is it A~... Horse? Neigh! It is our illustrious Dr. Syntax migrating onward and trotwards to Twitter! Fond Friends & Fillies, pray follow our unbridled equestrian Savant there post-haste!

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