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The Amiable Cassandra

The Amiable Cassandra/ The Bath Novels of Lady A~’s ‘Classic Companion II’

The Amiable Cassandra is the one truly captivating story Jane Austen didn’t write… or did she? Detailing her own eventful life and those of her colorful and complex connections, ‘Lady A~’ renders the ultimate and wholly unique ‘Cinderella’ account of Jane Austen’s history as she might have conceived it—from beginning to end.

The Amiable Cassandra is a bewitching tale of a gifted author living and working in an entirely fictional Regency mirror-microcosm. Filled with industry, intrigue and willful independence, it takes its heroine, the remarkable and entrancing Miss Cassandra Ashton-Dennis, into a story of passion, perseverance and pain.

After encountering the dazzling and worldly John Lascelles, by way of family and friends, Cassandra must engage with the rigors of unerring love, governed by material expectation, and the unequal demands of becoming a celebrated ‘feminist’ novelist in a world managed by men. And as Cassandra determinedly carves out such a singular existence, she must face an unseen formidable foe that becomes her greatest challenge to happiness and fulfillment yet…

The Amiable Cassandra is a must-read for any Janeite yearning for an original story that poignantly resonates of Austen and her incomparable work. Using the Austen ‘formula’, this novel blends documented history, elements of Austen’s most beloved marriage plots-lots, characters and themes alongside the parallel enigmatic history of The Bath Novels of Lady A~, to create an exceptionally thought-provoking Regency drama. Published purposely in advance of the bicentenary of Jane Austen’s passing in 1817, The Amiable Cassandra celebrates her remarkable life as only she might have wittily imagined it—for herself—for her allies—and, notably, for her enemies.


The Bath Novels of Lady A~
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Scene depicting the splendid entrance of John Lascelles at the Heathmore Ball (The Amiable Cassandra, Volume 1, Chapter 13)


The Amiable Cassandra by Lady A~

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