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The Bath Novels of Lady A~ / TBNLA™

Jane's reign rules again!—with this highly original companion set of seven Regaustenian novels or ‘Classic Companions’ tacitly attributed to the ‘devil’ of Jane Austen's genius—but written through the polemical pen of a lady, who, like Jane, might only be known as ‘Lady A~’.


The Amiable Cassandra by Lady A~

The Amiable Cassandra

The Amiable Cassandra/ The Bath Novels of Lady A~’s ‘Classic Companion II’

Purchase & PossessThe Amiable Cassandra/ Lady A~’s captivating ‘Cinderella’ account of Jane Austen’s life as she might have fashioned it in fiction. Blending the most bewitching elements of Austen’s six novels and ‘juvenilia’, her unfinished work and her own intriguing and most eventful history, The Amiable Cassandra delivers a heroine and a hero sporting all the (as yet) unrivaled qualities that Janeites have come to love best in Austen and her most beloved protagonists. Published purposely in advance of the bicentenary of Austen’s passing in 1817, this novel not only celebrates her remarkable life as only she might have wittily imagined it—for herself—for her allies—and, notably, for her enemies, but it faithfully and ingeniously fills the ‘Jane Void’ that left so much wanting after her premature death.


Merits and Mercenaries by Lady A~

Merits & Mercenaries

Merits and Mercenaries/ The Bath Novels of Lady A~’s ‘Classic Companion I’

Now SellingMerits and Mercenaries/ ‘Classic Companion I’™, The Bath Novels of Lady A~’s debut novel, is a dashing tale about the perplexing pursuit of love and self-discovery, which races for resolution—upon comedy and drama—across both town and country. As protagonists William Halford and Katherine Huntley seek some happy end, a host of vivid villains strive to perilously prevent it—while the shadow of a most menacing secret relentlessly stalks the story’s entire cast.