Hampshire Meritocrats and Mercenaries

Fond friends! Pray cast an eye over each residence you see here, so that ye might soak up the particulars of our Hampshire Meritocrats and Mercenaries!

Hampshire Map


Milner Hall

‘a small but well-kept estate not far from Halford Manor’

In Residence: The soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs.—.



‘The Falsteads’ abstracted estate in Cornwall’

In Residence: Mr. & Mrs. James Falstead.


Halford Manor

‘Halford Manor was a home tasteful and stylish’

In Residence: Mr. William Halford, Mr. Edward Halford.

Summer House-party Guests: Mr. & Mrs. James Falstead, Miss Maria Beckett, Mr. John Danbury.


Hargrove House

‘Hastings Park was bordered on one side by the estate of Halford Manor and, on the other ... by Hargrove House’

In Residence: Sir Hilton and Lady Devon, Charles Devon, Elizabeth Devon, Margaret Devon.


Hastings Park

‘Hastings Park’s historic heritage implied familial dedication to the perfect upkeep of an heirloom of enormous proportions’

Owner: Lord Hollingbrook.
Leased to: Lady Myriam Rostings.

In Residence: Lady Myriam Rostings, Katherine Huntley, Mrs. Masters.

Summer House-party Guests: Edwina Westwood, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rostings.



‘one of the finest and oldest estates in the country’

In Residence: Miss Maria Beckett.

All characters’ residential locations depicted herein, as elements of an integrated image of ‘Merits and Mercenaries ’ (Classic Companion I) are fictitious. Any resemblance to the name/representation/history of any real place, existing in the past or the present, is purely coincidental and wholly unintentional.